Guardian Will Pre-Publish “Go Set a Watchman” First Chapter

The first chapter of Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman will be published by The Guardian on July 10, a few days before the book is set to release on July 14. The chapter will be available on The Guardian’s website and on July 11 in print in Guardian Weekend, allowing readers to get a taste of the adult Scout Finch’s perspective.

Some To Kill a Mockingbird fans, however, are not happy about Go Set a Watchman’s release. The New York Times reports that the manuscript for the novel was found nearly three years earlier than Lee’s lawyer claims that she stumbled upon it when going through papers. There’s also doubt as to whether or not Lee can give consent for the novel’s publication, considering she had a stroke several years ago.

Apart from the controversy surrounding its publication, this will be Lee’s first novel in over 50 years and many of her fans will eagerly read the first chapter.

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