Greta Gerwig

Greta Gerwig Seems Like She Has Good Taste in Books, and Her Top 10 Proves It

Greta Gerwig’s been making waves the past few years between her killer performance in 2013’s Frances Ha (which she co-wrote and received a Golden Globe nomination) and this year’s Lady Bird, which she both wrote and directed. Though it was her directorial debut, Lady Bird was a smash with critics and will likely scoop up many award nods.


Gerwig’s also a passionate reader. She shared with Vulture the ten books she’d bring with her to a desert island. We all have that list, right? Why hasn’t Vulture asked me this question? Am I not important enough? Maybe they’d like to have a word with my mom.


Her list spans centuries and contains some serious gems I’m trying to get my hands on. Here are some of the highlights of the list, but check out the full article here!


The Idiot by Elif Batuman


The Idiot

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She accomplishes in this novel what I’m always trying to do in film: make the mundane extraordinary not by adorning it but by telling it as it is. It combines deadpan humor with romantic yearning and makes you want to read more novels and maybe also try to learn Russian.


The White Album by Joan Didion


White Album

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She is my patron saint, and this collection of essays helped me understand the world I was not around for but that still shaped my life. Her truths are tiny knives, piercing the surface and bleeding out the illusions of life, especially life in California.


Lives of Girls and Women by Alice Munro



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Alice Munro always gets to the thing inside me that knows, with certainty, that this is my one life. There is a penetrating sense of ultimate aloneness in her writing. And in just a sentence she can turn from the present to the future and then all the way into the past, making the reader feel as if they are experiencing the sweep of life as moments accumulate, and then double back and reconsider. It presents at first as just a drip drip drip … and then before you know it, you’re standing in a waterfall.


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