Great Picks for Crime Readers


Australia is well known for its crime writing in all forms: true crime, crime fiction, and “criminal YA”. I remember coming across this phenomenon a few years ago and being absolutely astounded with massive sections dedicated to these genres in both independent and large chain bookshops. Perhaps I should not be so surprised taking into consideration that Australia was colonised as a penal colony and that Ned Kelly, an Irish Australian bushranger, is one of their heroes. Australia has fostered some great crime writers (Michael Robotham, Peter Temple, Peter Corris, Rolf Boldrewood, Kerry Greenwood to name just a few) and it has a plethora of awards to ensure their recognition.  However, without the doubt one of the most prestigious awards is the Ned Kelly Award for Crime Writing, the 2012 shortlist of which has just been announced.


Here are the three nominees for the best True Crime book for 2012:



Cold Case File by Liz Porter read more

Call me Cruel by Michael Duffy read more


Sins of the Fatherby Eamon Duff read more


There are also three nominees for the Best First Fiction for 2012:



The Courier’s New Bicycle by Kim Westwood 

“A beautifully written story of the near future and its murky underworld … “read more


The Cartographer by Peter Twohig
“A bold, captivating and outrageously funny novel about a boy who refuses to give in and the numerous shifty, dodgy and downright malicious bastards he has to contend with on his grand adventure of loss and discovery” and an inside favorite of many independent books shops. Read more…


When We Have Wings by Claire Corbett

“In a world divided into fliers and non-fliers, how far would you go to be able to fly? How much would you sacrifice” read sample chapter here


Finally there are three nominations for the Best Crime Fiction:



The Life by Malcolm Knox

Daring, dazzling, funny and heartbreaking, this is a story about fame and ambition, surfing and pine-lime Splices … read sample chapter here


Chelsea Mansions by Bary Maitland


“A deadly virus, a vicious killer and a long-buried mystery push Brock & Kolla to the limit” read more here


Pig Boy by J.C Burke


“A confronting, powerful story for young adults in the vein of J.C. Burke’s CBCA award-winner The Story of Tom Brennan” watch author’s video and read more

No matter if you love crime writing or just great writing you are sure to find your next great read among these titles.