Grant Morrison to Script ‘Brave New World’ Series

Last year Syfy announced plans to turn Huxley’s dystopic thriller into a series for the network. Although it’s been slow coming, the production is finally making some waves, recruiting some high-ranking creatives for the project and stirring fans from A Brave New World’s universe of hatcheries and hypnopaedic education to join the fervor.

Here’s what we know so far: Comic book writer Grant Morrison has just been brought on the script the series. Brian Taylor, best known for writing and directing Crank, will be joining him. Together the duo will also serve as executive producers for the Les Bohem adaption. With a few wavering differences and creative embellishments, the series is expected to follow the trajectory of the novel. 

Set in the near future, Brave New World lays out a deceptively idyllic world in which poverty, disease, and war are no more. In this ‘utopic’ mecca of sorts, civilians flock to drugs and sex like lab rats to the feeder and consumer culture runs rampant. Due to technological and medical revolutions, humans are no longer made in the traditional hanky-panky fashion, but instead within the walls of a hatchery. Amidst the mind-altered citizens subservient to consumption, there are however factions of rebels that work against the seductive grain of this ‘happy’ society. Ultimately, they rise up against the regime.

A release date has yet to be confirmed, but the growing slate of talented creatives leaves us with high hopes for a mindbending sci-fi success.

Stay tuned for more news!