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GoT’s Emilia Clarke Teases at Possible Love Triangle

With the rising speculation that GOT’s Daenerys and Jon Snow may end up together, the re-appearance of Ser Jorah Mormont unravels a new string of complication.


True GOT fans know that Mormont has always had a major thing for the Khaleesi. Though it hasn’t appeared that the romantic (or sensual) feelings have been returned, we can’t stop wondering if his characters miraculous recovery will hinder the development of a relationship between the Khaleesi and King of the North.


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Fans aren’t the only ones who have noticed the new conflicts that Mormont brings. In a behind-the-scenes look inside “Eastwatch,” Emilia Clarke commented on the close, and influential bond between Dany and Jorah.


“The thing about Ser Jorah is that he has been the one from the very beginning,” Clarke said. “I think he has an ability to see right through her.”


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As we all saw during the episode, Jorah’s inquisitive and pitiful glances between Dany and Jon suggests that he knows, or at the very least thinks, that feelings are starting to amount between the pair.


The subtle (is it really though?) attraction between the two may have been officially established by Clarke. Referring to that highly-anticipated scene that probably made all fans go running around their house squealing (you know exactly what were talking about!), Clarke alluded to the effect that tremendous interaction had on her characters perception of Jon.


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“[Dany] sees his interaction with her dragons, and it’s an attractive quality for her,” Clarke said. (Note to self, bravery in the face of a dragon that just killed a ton of people is a huge plus).


While Jorah’s fierce loyalty and respect of the Khaleesi makes it possible that he will step to the side if the pair does in fact become an item, his deep-rooted love for her can also suggest that he won’t step away so easily.


While fans can continue squealing in delight at the possibility of this couple-goals pair, they’ll definitely have to keep an eye on Jorah (especially considering that he is following Jon into a misty dangerous area where “accidents” can happen…).


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