Stills of GoT characters Arya and Brienne in the show

GoT Fans Now Have Hope Of More Arya and Brienne Scenes

After our hearts melted with the long-awaited Stark sibling reunion (excluding Jon Snow who found himself in cozy quarters with Daenerys), we received a further blow of delight with the epic sparring scene between our two favorite sword swingers.



Image courtesy of HBO


The latest episode of “Game of Thrones” paired Arya Stark and Brienne of Tarth against each other in a friendly, yet tense, training scene. Between Arya’s swift moves ducking Brienne’s sword blows to Brienne displaying her physical dominance, this scene made our jaws drop with anxiety and awe.




Apparently we aren’t the only ones in awe of the epic battle; actress Gwendoline Christie, who plays Brienne, voiced her own delight in a Twitter post.



Tagging Maisie Williams, the fierce actress who plays equally fierce Arya Stark, Christie followed with sword and kissing face emojis.


The post, which received around 20,000 likes, gives us hope that the clear adoration between the two actresses can lead to more character interactions in the upcoming episodes.


These two actresses whose personalities are so alike give off amazing chemistry, and we look forward to seeing more! And um… we’ll take more Brienne and Tormund Giantsbane scenes too!




Featured image courtesy of HBO