GoT Fans are Flocking to King’s Landing and Dubrovnik Residents Aren’t Happy About It

If you haven’t heard, there is a real-life King’s Landing located in the city of Dubrovnik, Croatia and it’s become a popular hotspot for fans of Game of Thrones


The good news is it’s just as beautiful in person as it is on-screen. The bad news is that you may be on the receiving end of angry glares from locals while you enjoy the scenery.



Image Via Matthew Williams-Ellis



The majestic city overlooking the Adriatic Sea has reportedly become packed with crowds of Game of Thrones fans within the last few years. Taking into account the large crowds of already existing tourists enticed by the incredible scenery and residents have faced a huge problem.



“There is no unique solution for every destination,” said Dubrovnik’s mayor, Mato Frankovic. “But it has to start with recognizing the problem.”




Image Via HBO



On top of the lack of space occupied by tourists, residents have complained about rising property prices and concerns about inappropriate tourists behavior.



The city has taken steps to counter these problems including: Limiting the number of passengers who can step off of cruise ships, decreasing outdoor seating at restaurants for crowd control, and putting restrictions on street vendors. Next year the city is also planning on restricting where cruise ships can dock.



The issues facing the city have grown in part due to the abrupt rise in tourism. According to the New York Times, there were about 300 tours related to Game of Thrones in 2015 which then increased to 4,500 tours in 2017 and, in 2018, has increased by 180%. With the series finale of Game of Thrones approaching, tourism is likely to increase. 





Featured Image Via Gulliver/ThinkStock