GoT Winterfell

‘GoT’ Documentary Promises Legendary Final Season!

If there was ever a time to engage special features content, it would be now, with Game of Thrones’s final season.

HBO shared the latest behind-the-scenes documentary that accompanies each newly released episode. The short, “The Game Revealed: Winterfell,” carries a certain weight given that the series’ conclusion is fast approaching, as well as a sense of responsibility on the crew members’ shoulders to deliver.



It’s obvious that the show’s production is unrivalled and the crew makes every detail count, no matter how brief the scene or shot, and the beloved cast members are ready to give the final chapter their best.

The show has also reached a new tier of legendary, given George Lucas’s unexpected visit to the season premiere set. The Force is strong with the hit series.

As the show comes to its close there should be even more emotional behind-the-scenes content with each episode to come. There won’t be any loose ends and the conclusion will be sure to make television history.




Featured Image via HBO