Google Play Makes Reading Comics Even Cooler

Technology is effecting how we read by making things more convientent and easier to store. Comic books are no exception to this recent sweep into the digital age. New apps for your phone and tablet allow you to keep, organize, track, and read comics much more comfortably than ever before. Without getting into a debate over paper vs electronic, let’s see what technology has to offer the comic reading community. 

The best app for Android users right now is the Astonishing Comic Reader app. The app has a variety of features that allow you to organize and track your reading very easily. Most importantly it allows readers to save all of their books onto their Dropbox account instead of having to store it on the phone’s memory.

One of the benefits of reading comics on your phone is that the backlight gives the comic a vibrant pop that does not usually occur when reading from a paper book. The bright light along with the colorful art style most comics have leads to an upgraded reading experience, as reported by some avid readers. 

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The most interesting thing happening for comics right now is a new feature called Bubble Zoom that Google Play just released. By pressing the buttons on the side of your device, you move the focus of the text in the correct order in which it should be read. Text bubbles get larger while the rest of the comic stays the same. The effect causes the words to jump out at you in a way that makes it feel more alive.

This innovation is replacing old technology that used to black out the entire comic in order to focus on a particular text bubble. Problems arose because people did not want the comic to be darkened because it would take too much away from the experience as a whole. Google Play’s innovation totally revamped the concept to allow the text to be isolated without taking anything away fromt he comic itself. The only way to know for sure if it is good is to try it yourself!

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