Google Doodle Celebrates Nobel Prize Winning Poet and Playwright Nelly Sachs

The Google Doodle today celebrates poet and playwright, Nelly Sachs, born 127 years ago in 1891 into a Jewish family in Berlin.


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In 1940, Nelly, and her mother were aided by the Swedish novelist Selma Lagerlof when their apartment was raided by the Gestapo and were told to report to a concentration camp within a week. With Lagerlof’s help, Nelly Sachs and her mother escaped Germany at the start of World War II.


In 1966, Sachs won the Nobel Prize in Literature for her poetry collections In the Houses of Death Death (1946), Eclipse of Stars (1949), And No One Knows Where to Go (1957), Flight and Metamorphosis (1956)—and 1951 play Eli: A Mystery Play of the Sufferings of Israel.


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She died of intestinal cancer on May 12th 1970, aged seventy-eight.


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