Goodnight Moon Sequel on the Way

Goodnight Moon is one of the most popular children’s books of all-time. The picture book has been a staple of bedtime rituals around the world for nearly 75 years. Believe it or not, the 1947 story is about to get a follow-up: HarperCollins will publish Good Day, Good Night on October 3, 2017, according to EarlyWord.

The story was constructed using the original author’s writing from back in 1950, but there was no way Margaret Wise Brown could have known that her words would appear in print once again. 

The bunny from the “great green room” will once again grace the pages, but this time he will be waking up and exploring the world around him, before getting ready to go bed once more.

Brown passed away in 1952, while the original illustrator, Clement Hurd, died in 1988. This new story will be illustrated by Loren Long, who has also illustrated new art for the classic story The Little Engine That Could.

With Good Day, Good Night, the marvellous words of Margaret Wise Brown will become a bedtime story for the next generation.


Feature image courtesy of The New York Times