Good Samaritans Form Human Chain to Help Save Local Bookstore

As time changes and profits are more valued than sacred family businesses, it seems like many beloved small businesses are forced to close down or relocate. Bookstores are a notable victim of this trend, but there are a select few that are too important for their community to lose. And in the case of this small bookstore, the community truly stepped up to the task at hand.





October Books has been open for over forty years. This is a huge feat, as the store is a non-profit business with a supply of over 20,000 books on hand. But, when the bookstore was forced to relocate due to a raise in the rent, the reason they’ve been in business for so long clearly showed.





As the store turned to social media for help in moving, they surely did not expect the community to respond with so much support from so many people. The people of Southampton stepped up, with over 250 people spanning from October Books’ old location to the new one, forming a human chain. Without the need for any paid help, the chain was able to hand deliver, or rather pass along, the entire shop’s catalog in only a couple hours.







This experience just goes to show that the life of small and non-profit business is far from over. Communities like Southampton are more widespread than previously thought, and it all helps to demonstrate how we all can come together to save the places we love and cherish. October Books is back open and better than ever; this shop isn’t closing for a very long time! Check out their Instagram for more photos of the human chain! 





Featured Image Via NPR