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GoFundMe to Save Westsider Rare & Used Books Shop Raises Over $25,000 In a Day!

Given the resurgence of independent bookstores, it is truly sad to see one of New York’s most iconic in danger of closing. Westsider Rare & Used Books recently announced that it would be shutting down after thirty-five years because of difficulties with the rent. (Bookstr reported earlier news on the store here)


West Side Rag inquired about what it would take to stay in business. Owner Dorian Thornley explained, “I guess if somebody did a crowd funder and raised $50,000. I’d do it. Don’t see that happening though.”



dorian thornley

Dorian Thornley | Image via West Side Rag


Supporters and loyal customers were quick to answer the call. A GoFundMe campaign created by Bobby Panza has raised over $26,000 already in just one day. Momentum is strong and there is now hope for the beloved bookstore that has been a treasure to the Upper West Side.


Please consider donating or stopping by the store for its 30% off sale!



Featured Image via Travel+Leisure