Girl Writes About Her Unicorn for Charity

Every child brings their favorite toy to life in their imagination, but one little girl is turning her toy into a story! With the assistance of her mother, young writer Callie Chapman has begun writing about her favorite toy unicorn, raising money for her local children’s hospital in the process. On her website, Glitter the Unicorn, Callie’s story is briefly explained: 

“When Callie Chapman was 6-years-old, she wrote a story for the Expression’s Art Contest. The Story, Glitter the Unicorn is about a unicorn named Glitter and her best friend Ellie. The dynamic duo go on a magical adventure to Cotton Candy Land.” 

Using some of her mother’s art skills, Callie has so far released two stories: Glitter the Unicorn and Glitter the Unicorn Goes to the Beach. Both stories take Ellie and Glitter on fun and magical adventures to new worlds, with every detail conjured by Callie herself. Originally, these tales were ‘published’ for loved ones only, but eventually, the books took off and more were printed. 

In February, Chapman donated $3,500 to the Children’s of Alabama Hospital for the young patients to have art supplies. With every book sold online and in local Mountain Brook, Alabama bookstores (Callie Chapman’s hometown), this little author will continue to donate her profits. Selling for $18.99, neither the bookstores nor the Chapman family is keeping a single cent of the money earned. 


If we know anything, it is that Callie Chapman and Glitter the Unicorn are certainly a pair worth watching as new stories are put to print.

Featured image courtesy of Village Living.