Gifts for the GOT Lover in Your Life

Whether you’ve read the Song of Ice and Fire series, or are glued to the Game of Thrones TV show on HBO, you are immersed in the world that George R.R. Martin has created and love it. It’s the season for giving and if you’re feeling extra nice or just want something for yourself, here’s a list of Game of Thrones inspired gifts for your purchasing pleasure. 

1) GoT Monopoly – $40 

If you ever need a game that will last over 4 hours, this is it.  


2) Cloth-bound Books – $36.99

 Oooh, these will be nice.


3) Wildfire – $12

Just as a precaution…


4) Dragon Egg Cookie Jar – $29.99

 Cookies might be better than an actual dragon…no? Ok. 


5) An infinity scarf of Westeros and Essos – $29 

It’s chilly out there!


6) Sansa’s necklace – $29.99 

You need it. You do. 



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