Gifts for the Book Lover in Your Life

There is such joy in gift giving, but there is also much anxiety.  How do you get a gift that shows how much you know and care about the gift-receiver? For the book lovers in your life, getting them a book or two (or more) could hit the spot; but, why not opt for a witty literature-themed gift? Perhaps this list will inspire you…

Literature-Themed Pouches

Needless to say, these are adorable. They are especially good for book-loving writers who need a good pencil case. Or anyone who needs to hold anything really… My personal favorite is this incredibly endearing “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” pouch. 


Book Lover’s Soy Candles


Book lovers can now be even more immersed in their favorite reads with these scented candles. Perhaps they would like to enter “Gatsby’s Mansion,” or maybe the “Hatter’s Tea Party” will tumble them deeper down the rabbit hole. Other choices include the coveted scent of “Old books” and “Christmas in the Great Hall.” The options are plentiful; choosing one may be difficult!


Literature-Themed Temporary Tattoos

Finally, a solution for those of us who want tattoos without the permanence! These temporary tattoos are cute and stylish, and there’s plenty to choose from.  Whether your book-loving friend or loved one is all tatted up or not, they will love these trendy temporary tattoos. The site also has literary t-shirts, posters, and totes. 


Book-Themed Necklaces

These are too cute. Even non-book-lovers may love to have a mini book swinging from their neck. This necklace is great for the fashion-forward book nerd.


“I Read Past My Bedtime” Pillow Cover

Every book-lover can relate to this statement. Give them something to comfortably lean on as they read through the night.  They may not get to sleep on it but they will thoroughly enjoy it! Plus, the pillow covers are handmade and customizable, so you can choose the font, color, and size to fit your book-loving pupil perfectly. 


Clear Book Weight

 Alright, who else knows the struggle of reading outside (or perhaps next to a fan) and having the pages fly around?  This transparent book weight is the perfect remedy for outdoor reading, as well as studying and cooking.  Your book-lover will never lose their page again. You might want to buy two (one for yourself as well…).


Cassette Tape Bookmarks

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These bookmarks are for those old-souls who not only know what cassette tapes are, but they’ve used them as well (alright, so we stopped using cassettes in the 21st century so it’s not that old). This is a cute, nifty gift idea for book and music lovers. 




Somehow book-lovers often seem to be coffee and tea lovers as well. Maybe it’s because all the caffeine allows us to stay up reading for hours. Why not get the book lover in your life a clever mug to drink along side their favorite book? There are plenty of book-inspired mugs out there, but this one is particularly humorous. 


Book Shaped Dishware

Do you know someone running low on dishware? Give them this awesome set of book-shaped plates, platters, and saucers.  They are cute and not too pricey.  


Bookstore Gift-Card

Giftcards from Strand Books

I know you may have already thought of this, but it’s just a reminder. Sometimes the best gift is a gift-card to a book-nerd’s favorite bookstore.  We all know that books can get a bit pricey, but it usually doesn’t stop us from buying them. A gift-card would definitely be appreciated by your little literature lovers!

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