Gifts for All the Word Lovers on Your List

The team here at Bookstr is, as you would expect, is chock full of word lovers. Funny words, rare words, long words, short words, we really love them all. It’s probably safe to assume that you all do as well. With the Holidays coming up, we thought you might want some gift ideas for those wordy friends of yours, or maybe just something for you to treat yourself to. Here are my personal favorite gifts for word nerds.

1) Subscription to The New York Times Crossword

For just $39.95, you can keep a special someone busy with crosswords all year round. 

2) Punderdome

A game for the punnier people in your life. 

3) Aqua Notes

Finally! Imagine how many of life’s problems we can solve now that our shower thoughts can be comfortably recorded. 

4) Writer’s Toolbox

Keep the wordsmith in your life inspired with this set of tools.

5) A Notebook, of course!

You can’t go wrong with a notebook. Word lovers cherish keeping their words close. 


These are just a few of my favorites. Hopefully we’ve helped keep your logophiles happy this Holiday season! 

6) A clever mug 

Grammar-lovers lover to be right. And they love to show off their grammar-love with a witty, fun mug. Plus, caffeinated beverages usually go in mugs and everyone loves that!

7) Pencils, with advice from Ernest Hemingway

Because people still write with pencils, sometimes. 

8) A bobble head

…to keep them company while they work, of course!