Giant Flip Books Installed in New Hampshire Forest

Out in the New Hampshire forest, near Stafford, a talented young group of would-be engineers at Beam Camp, have installed a wonderful new addition to the hike. Giant flip-books known as “Universal Play Machines”, designed by Mobile Studio and put together by camp-goers, ages 10-17. The mechanism that gives life to these giant flip books is the same used in the iconic Solari Boards that once graced train stations, flipping to show arrival and departure times.

Encased in glass that reflects the flip books’ natural surroundings, the installation acts as an extension of the forest during the day. At night, however, a series of LED light strips turn on inside, revealing all the mechanisms at work.

These giant marvels are the largest of their kind according to Mobile Studio Director Chee-Kit Lai, and truly a pleasure to watch work. It’s a beautiful installation and an impressive feat by the talented kids over at Beam.  



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