#GetBehindPictureBooks Asks About Your Favorite Childrens Book

Everyone has a children’s book that is special to them. Take our word: every day is a good day to celebrate your most treasured bedtime story. The Eric Carle Foundation knows this to be true, and has started a trend on social media to promote art and early literacy: #GetBehindPictureBooks.

The trend is something anyone can participate in, as it simply involves taking a picture of yourself reading your favorite picture book. Some of the most beloved children’s book authors have kickstarted the trend, including Judy Blume, Norton Juster, and Eric Carle himself. Book lovers from around the world—from the U.S. to Thailand—have followed suit, sharing pictures of themselves reading their childhood favorites. 

So, readers, what’s your favorite picture book? Share with us in the comments, and show us your pictures on twitter @thereadingroom_, instagram @trrbooklove, and wherever hashtags exist!