Rose shaped make up brushes from Storybook Cosmetics

Get the Literary Look With These Book-Inspired Beauty Buys!

There are some pretty amazing book-inspired beauty tools and accessories floating around the internet. So many, in fact, that it can be hard to narrow down which ones you want and which ones you NEED.


We’ve rounded up some of the most eye-catching literary must-haves from around the web.


1. Storybook Cosmetics


Rose Brushes available from Storybook Cosmetics

Image Courtesy of Storybook Cosmetics 


These cruelty free cosmetics and beauty tools are inspired by fairy tales like Beauty and the Beast and Snow White. The line features beautiful brushes shaped like roses, wands and arrows, as well as make-up such as an eye-shadow palette with colors named ‘broomstick’ and ‘potions’ and lipsticks with names like ‘Horror,’ ‘Fantasy’ and ‘Adventure.’ We’ve totally fallen under their spell, and can’t wait to see the next collection…


2. Cookie Dough Deco


Harry Potter beauty products from Etsy

Image Courtesy of Etsy


This Etsy store has endless literary themed beauty products, from mermaid make-up brushes to these amazing Harry Potter wand and brookstick-shaped beauty tools. They even have Hermione’s Time Turner eye-shadow brushes! *swoooon* Has someone slipped us a love potion…?


3. Literary Lacquers


Lake of Shining Waters sparkly green nail polish

Image Courtesy of Etsy


Literary Lacquers has some of the finest poetic polishes on the internet. We’re in love with ‘The Lake of Shining Waters’ (pictured above) inspired by ‘Anne of Green Gables’ but there are so many beautiful, literary-labelled colors to choose from, and we’d like to give honorable mention also to ‘Marilla’s Amethyst Brooch’ and the Emily Dickinson-inspired ‘Hope is the Thing with Feathers.’ 


4. Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass Eyeshadow Palette 


Urban Decay Eye Shadow Palette

Image Courtesy of Amazon


Urban Decay are famous for their vivid colors and eye-catching packaging, so Urban Decay and the world of Wonderland seems like the perfect pairing! This beautiful palette is packed full of bright colors that you can mix and match for many a mad look! 


5. SparkleSensation Great Gatsby Headband


Gatsby Inspired Flapper Headband

Image Courtesy of Etsy


Embrace your inner flapper with this beautiful Gatsby-inspired headpiece. Place it upon your head and be instantly transported back to the 20s, gaze longingly across the bay, shed a tear over a silk shirt or two and then dance the night away…



6. Mirror Mirror…


Mirror from Etsy

Image Courtesy of Etsy


With all these beautiful products, you’re going to need some sort of reflective surface in which to apply them! We suggest this fabulous fairy tale mirror from Mighty Vintage on Etsy. Who knows, that little dude perched at the bottom of the glass might even tell you who is the fairest in the land… (hint: it will be you because you will look LITERARY-LY fabulous xoxo)


Featured Image Courtesy of Etsy