Get Sorted into a House with This Candle

The Sorting Hat, a harsh critic of our deepest secrets, knows all. We’ve all dreamed of living it up in the Great Hall at Hogwarts and getting sorted into a house with all of our friends. The Sorting Hat does take our suggestions into mind, but it’s ultimately up to him. Which house would you be sorted into?

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Thanks to Etsy, MMTrinkets has created a sorting hat candle that melts and reveals your house by different colors:

Crimson for Gryfinndor- The strong & brave 
Blue for Ravenclaw- The intelligent & quick witted 
Green for Slytherin- The cunning and ambitious 
Yellow for Hufflepuff- The loyal and kindhearted 

Image courtesy of Etsy  

Which house will your Sorting Hat candle put you in? Buy yours now! 




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