Get Ready to Say Goodbye to ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’

Content warning: this article (along with the affiliated series) contains references to rape and suicide.

The final season of the Netflix series, Thirteen Reasons Why, finally has a release date! The show is based on the novel of the same name by Jay Asher. Both the book and the series tackle important topics, such as teen drinking, drugs, suicide, and rape. The story is focused on Hannah Baker, a young girl who commits suicide, and documents the events that lead to her death on cassette tapes.


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In case you needed a reminder: the show’s first season focuses on Hannah and the people that she felt led her to committing suicide. It also centers on Clay, who is struggling to listen to the tapes because he was in love with her. Then, in season two, the main focus is the legal case that Hannah’s parents made against the school for allowing her to be bullied, but it is also about Jessica, Hannah’s former friend, coming to terms with her own rape.



In season three, which takes place many months later, there is a new mystery surrounding the death of Bryce, the person responsible for the rape of Hannah and Jessica. There is also a new character, Ani, the new girl in school, who narrates the season. Now, it’s time for season four, and based on what happened in season three, season four will probably be centered around Bryce, as well as Clay and his friends, graduating from high school.


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The Bryce Walker murderer was revealed in season three, but the group is protecting the real person behind his death, and instead pinned it on a former classmate that is now dead. Ani told a lot of lies to the police to protect Alex, the real killer, so many of those lies could possibly come to a head in the upcoming season. As if that wasn’t enough, the guns that Clay and Tony hid for Tyler could come back to bite them before the series ends, considering they were found.



So, there is a lot that could take place during this final season, but to be honest, the best season is always going to be the first one. I felt that the following seasons were somewhat unnecessary, and that they take away from the morals that season one gave to the audience. However, the show is still one you don’t want to miss.

You can catch up on the first three season here.

The final season begins streaming on June 5.

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