Get Ready for the Longest Ever ‘Games of Thrones’ Episode


Bad News: There are only two more seasons of Game of Thrones and they are both only eight episodes long. 


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But there is good news: The last two episodes of the new season will be 71 and 81 minutes. That means the last episode will basically be a movie.


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The previous longest episode was the season six finale that ran for 69 minutes. It is easily one of the greatest episodes of Game of Thrones and (in my totally unbiased opinion) television history. The drastic events left every viewer with their mouth hanging to the floor.



As a recap: Cersei murdered literally everybody that was against her in King’s Landing (Margery, Loras, and the High Septon) and is back as Queen of the Iron Throne. Bran had a vision of Jon’s birth confirming the long-held R+L=J theory. Arya FINALLY stuck Walder Frey with the pointy-end, something every fan has been dying to watch ever since the Red Wedding. Sam and Gilly escape from the horrible Randyll Tarly to make it to citadel where Sam will start his training to be a Maester. Lady Olenna Tyrell and the Sand Snakes combine forces in Dorne, united by a hatred for the now-queen, Cersei. Jon and Sansa are starting to plan their journey to the throne after reclaiming their home land of Winterfell. Daenerys finally starts heading toward Westeros with a fleet of ships to claim the Iron Throne with Tyrion named Hand to Queen. 


All this happened in only 69 minutes, so imagine what the new season finale can bring with twelve more minutes of screen time.

The season does not start until July 16th and will be finished after a short seven weeks. Yet Winter has finally come so hopefully those weeks will showcase the most epic season yet. 


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