Get Ready for “The Boxcar Children” Multi-Film Adaptation

The Boxcar Children the classic children’s book series about orphans hungry for adventure (and also food), is finally being given a proper silver-screen treatment.

Production companies Shout! Factory and Legacy Classics have promised three feature-length animated films about the mystery-solving quartet coming out in the next two years. The first movie in the trilogy is reportedly “well into production” and is being set for release in time for the 75th anniversary of the series in 2017.

The entire enterprise is part of a ‘first wave’ of children’s books-turned-family-movies that the companies intend to inundate the market with The Boxcar Children being only one of many series in the mix. If we’re lucky, the expanded universe will have all the crossover movies and post-credit scenes that have become mandatory for all films. Hey, maybe Stan Lee will make a cameo!

Just feels right, doesn’t it?

“But wait!” the Boxcar-heads among you might exclaim. “Wasn’t there just an animated adaptation?” Yes, there technically was. But that was 2014, and not even the paycheck-cashing performances from J.K. Simmons and Martin Sheen could save it from the Sims-level animation and the 100-theater release that doomed it. For Hollywood, it’s best if they imagine it didn’t happen.



The first Boxcar Children entry was written by Gertrude Chandler Warner in 1924, back when children knew what boxcars were and wanted to get on them. Since that golden age, the series has wrapped up countless other contributors in its 70 million books sold empire. Today, the series boasts more than 150 actual titles and several great fake ones on Tumblr. We’re sure they, just like this trio of upcoming movies, will be equally good.

Featured image courtesy of The AV Club.