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Get Ready For A Live-Action Adaptation of Peter Pan


David Lowry, writer and director of ‘Aint Them Bodies Saints’ which starred Rooney Mara and Casey Affleck, and children’s musical ‘Pete’s Dragon,’ has revealed that he will be putting his own spin on the tale of the boy who never grew up in 2018!


David Lowery

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According to Deadline, the script is being written by Toby Halbrooks, who had previously teamed up with Lowry to create ‘Pete’s Dragon’.


Though J.M Barrie’s beloved book has been adapted for stage and screen countless times, Lowry informed Variety that he hopes to transform this childhood classic into a new experience for viewers. 


“I’ve got those ideas,” he says. “I don’t want to reveal them here, but I do acknowledge that there are a lot of versions of this material. That is a big question, like, why do we need another Peter Pan movie? At the same time it is an evergreen property and I do believe if you can do it right, it makes that question irrelevant. You can make people feel like they’re watching it for the first time. That would be the challenge I set for myself.”


Little else is known about Lowry’s plans for Neverland and the Lost Boys, but we are excited to see the outcome! 


Peter Pan

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