'Game of Thrones'

Get Inked With These Badass ‘Game of Thrones’ Tats

All right, who’s getting inked? Note: this is only for die-hard GoT fans (and those not afraid of needles).


Across seven seasons, Game of Thrones has taken the throne as the fandom to rule all fandoms. So when you just can’t get enough when the season is done, the books are read, and the costumes are worn, what do you do? You get GoT tattoos that your mom will probably hate.


Do you know in your soul your true house name? Then go with your friends to get these:


'Game of Thrones'

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Do you believe, in another life, that you ruled land and sky with dragons that could fly at your command? Then sit a few sessions for this one:


'Game of Thrones'

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Is Jon Snow your one true love and not your brother? This may be your first choice:


Jon Snow

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If your love for these characters is unending and your skin looks plain, then consider it! Chances are your fellow super fans will love your latest fandom stamp. The images and quotes are recognizable and often contain wise and inspiring words. Here’s a list of more you could check out for some great ideas.


What better way to link yourself to Game of Thrones than ink yourself to Game of Thrones?


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