Harry Potter sweater

Get Festive With Primark’s New Harry Potter Sweaters!

‘Tis the season and one of the greatest times of year folks: sweater weather! And if you want to be the one everyone notices while staying warm, then Penneys has you covered. Literally.


Her revealed Primark’s new release on some festive Harry Potter sweaters. However, they’re not just any sweaters; they’re Harry and Ron’s Christmas sweaters! All fans can recall the cozy scene in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone with Harry and Ron opening their Christmas gifts by the fireplace. Well, now you can do that too! Even without the fireplace. Primark’s deep navy blue and warm maroon are both marked with a single golden “H” and “R”. Just like in the film!





 Images Via Her

Take a look at the material; it looks deliciously soft and just as it does in the movie. For only 18 bucks how can you go wrong? You’ll be as recognizable as you will be comfy.



Featured Image Via Bustle