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Get Excited! The ‘Kingdom Hearts’ Novel to Get U.S. Release

Kingdom Hearts is possibly one of the most known gaming series to exist. Anyone who had a PS2 back in the day remembers embarking on a massive journey through all sorts of Disney-themed worlds with our young, but brave protagonist, Sora. The series has a very complicated story that has continued through the years after the first game was released in 2002 with a huge roster of characters. But now, at least an early part of the narrative will be simplified in book form next Spring.




The novels in their Japanese edition | Image via Pinterest



Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep was a prequel game of the series released in 2010. Since the games haven’t been released in chronological order with the story, many fans have had trouble in keeping track with the main plot. Now, we’ll be able to get a much simpler narrative on the early beginnings of the entire plot. 


Plans were announced back in 2016 to license the novel, and now Yen Press have confirmed rumors of the publication. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep: The Novel will be written by Tomoco Kanemaki and illustrated by Shiro Amano. Amano already has received praise for his illustration work in the manga adaptations of the series, so it looks to be a promising book to come out. 




Image via Kingdom Hearts Wiki – Fandom



Birth by Sleep was a beloved game, and held key details on the cannon. However, many fans either missed various important details while playing through the game, or forgot key points while going through other releases of the series. The novel adaptation will not only give an in depth take on the plot, but also provide even more details on the many Disney worlds that exist in the series’ universe. 


Are you a fan or newcomer to the series? Let us know how excited you are for the upcoming novel in the comments. Although we have to wait for the novel’s release to drop on March 19 2019, the next video-game title, Kingdom Hearts 3, is due to release sooner on January 25th 2019. 




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