Get Even More Excited for The BFG with This New Trailer

Leave it to Spielberg and Disney to tackle this Roald Dahl tale. Rich with Dahl’s trademark fantasies and creative musings, the film replicates the book’s magical feel, and the trailer is getting us all too excited to return to the story nestled at the heart of so many childhood memories (and adults – there’s no shame in admitting it).



For anyone who read the book as a kid, you probably remember wanting to be ‘brave Sophie’ and thinking how rad it would be to have a giant friend. Who needs the neighborhood kids when you’ve got a 20 foot tall guy hanging around? Plus, he could totally reach the cookies mom stashed away on that top cabinet. Just saying.

However, once you got past the initial obsession with giant friends (I remember shimmying a little closer to the tall kids on the playground, hoping for the next best thing), you probably also remember the great terror of the story. Roald Dahl always has an uncanny way of toying with our imagination while instilling it with fear. Getting deeper into the read, we quickly learn that the BFG is not the only G, and the others aren’t quite as F. In fact, they are quite the opposite, looking at Sophie the way we would a big juicy hamburger. Together the BFG and Sophie must defeat the terrors that prey on them and escape the dangers that lurk around every corner.

Image courtesy of Deadline


The film is set to hit theatres July 1st, but in the meantime, enjoy the trailer and the new poster featured above! Stay tuned to The Reading Room for more BFG news and updates.


Featured image courtesy of Screen Scoop.