The Grinch

Get a Load of the New Grinch From the Upcoming Adaptation!

You know who’s just a bad banana with a greasy black peel? Mr. Grinch. And he’s coming to a cinema near you November 9, 2018. Illumination Entertainment is adapting Dr. Seuss’ holiday classic with the help of Seuss’ widow, Audrey Geisel.


November 2018’s a while off, but the powers that be don’t want us to forget this movie is on its way. Thus, they’ve released a poster giving the people a tease at what the upcoming adaptation might have in store. The poster features a younger Grinch with the tagline “He gets meaner.” Observers will note his festive scarf and thoroughly non-threatening demeanor. Between the tagline and his general appearance, I am guessing the movie will be something of an origin story. How the Grinch came to hate Christmas.


The Grinch

Image Via Illumination Entertainment


Benedict Cumberbatch will voice the Grinch. Pete Candeland and The Secret Life of Pets co-director, Yarrow Cheney, will helm the picture. Also the title of the movie isn’t How the Grinch Stole Christmas. It’s just The Grinch. That’s about all we know of the movie.


It’s a year off and you can expect a teaser trailer in the coming months. Til’ then, enjoy your roast beast and have a nice time in Whoville!


Feature Image Via Universal Pictures