George Washington Gets Weird

Before Washington became the first President of the United States, he dealt with repetitive day to day activities- like we all do. Since he was around before the internet, almost all of his dealings are preserved on paper, totaling to about 30,000 letters throughout his life.

A lucky individual who uncovers one of these letters can sell it anywhere from a thousand dollars to up to one million! The price range depends on the subject, and the most recently discovered letter has some particularly interesting content.

Washington had purchased a female donkey, or “she-ass” in his own words. When he confirmed the purchase from his friend, Richard Sprigg, he wrote this amusing description:

Though in appearance quite unequal to the match, yet, like a true female, she was not to be terrified at the disproportional size of her paramour; and having renewed the conflict twice or thrice it is to be hoped the issue will be favourable…

It is hard to tell whether he is being humorous or dead serious. Either way it shows a unique side of Washington we may have never heard from our textbooks, which is what William Reese is hoping for in his attempt to sell the letter for $35,000.  Reese is banking on the amusing combination of historical legend and crass bathroom humor to help sell his finding. The real question is, if you had the money, would you buy it?


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