George R. Stewart’s Earth Abides To Be Limited MGM+ Series

A new sci-fi limited series based on George R. Stewart’s Earth Abides is expected from MGM+ in late 2024. Keep reading for more details!

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Book cover of Earth Abides

Get excited, science fiction fans! MGM+ has approved the production of an Earth Abides limited series, an adaptation of George R. Stewart’s sci-fi novel. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming series so far.

What is Earth Abides?

Earth Abides tells the story of a man called Ish and his life after an air-borne plague sweeps the earth and wipes out most of mankind. After waking up from a coma and realizing he is left all alone, Ish is forced into a life of caution and solitude. Traveling from San Francisco to New York, he meets a few other survivors, none of whom he feels the need to stay with long-term.

What do we know about the series?

The series will star Alexander Ludwig, previously on Vikings, as Ish, a young geologist. Production will begin April 8 in Vancouver, with showrunner Todd Komarnicki and executive producer Kearie Peak, as well as Michael Phillips and Juliana Maio from Lighthouse Productions.

alexander ludwig in vikings

According to Deadline, it was said by Komarnicki:

It has been an unmitigated thrill to adapt such a seminal sci-fi work, and the themes illuminated by George Stewart 75 years ago could not be more meaningful and timelier for the world we are living in today.

Written almost a century ago, the message of hope and humanity still prevails to this day, teaching us that despite the sadness and pain we see on a daily basis, it is kindness and compassion that will push us forward as a society. The series is set to be released later this year!

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