George R.R. Martin Releases Chapter of New Book

A lot of people have much to owe George R.R. Martin. Twenty years of writing Song of Ice and Fire has generated countless science fiction and fantasy awards for the author and made his work a touchstone for a new generation of the genre’s fans. The adaptation of his writing, Game of Thrones (as if you didn’t already know), has been nominated for more than 500 televison industry awards and won a record-breaking 12 Emmy Awards in one year alone. He’s at the forefront of the combination suspender-and-kepi-hat fashion revolution. So what else can he do to make us love him more?

 Pictured: Martin not caring what you think about his look. (Image: Toronto International Film Festival)

He could come out with The Winds of Winter, for one.

Martin knows this, and he takes no pleasure in making his fans hold their breath. He’s stated that he’s done as much as he could to have the sixth of seven books completed in a timely manner, and on Tuesday we were finally given some proof of that. The writer posted a sample chapter on his personal blog in advance of his upcoming appearances in Baltimore and Kansas City.

The excerpt is a nearly 6,000-word fix for fans of the book series, now that the plot of the television show has diverged from its predestined literary path. The character in focus is Princess Arianne of Doran, a non-TV character, following a mission from her father. That is as much spoilers as my better judgment will allow me to reveal. It appears, though, that his fans are pretty content with this chapter and have briefly stopped wondering aloud, not-so-politely I might add, that Martin will die soon.

In the post, Martin comes out and admits that the book is not yet complete, so release date has been announced, and it’s been reported that Martin’s been reading this particular bit on the convention circuit for a while now. But still, it’s something.