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George R.R. Martin Just Got Rejected by His Publisher and We Aren’t Surprised

When George R.R. Martin teased at his possible release of “The Winds of Winter” next year, everybody was pleased but nobody really counted on it. That is, not even his publisher.


Last Friday when he strolled into his publisher’s office in New York City, the famous writer was faced with the cold treatment. In a screenshot of a text message on Twitter, Martin joked about how even his publisher doesn’t know him anymore. 


In response to this, some twitter users poked fun at him and some suggested some possible reactions to the guard.


Seriously though, this six-year-gap since his last release seems so long it might just be forever.


Meanwhile, if “The Winds Winter” doesn’t reach the shelves next year, there’s still a chance of seeing a comprehensive history of the Targaryen family in his first “Fire and Blood” book out in late 2018 or early 2019. Whatever you do, don’t put your hopes up too high.


Featured image courtesy of Flavorwire