George R.R. Martin Has a Very Important Announcement

Some of you may be wondering what the hell George R.R. Martin has been up to lately. There are enough jokes about how hard, or not hard, he’s been working on The Winds of Winter, but we can’t help contribute. Although he’s probably feverishly working to finish the latest edition to his Game of Thrones series, there’s still no release date, and he isn’t letting us in on any news. 


However, we do know Martin is experiencing a couple of life-altering things.


1) He’s got a robot…and his name is Roberto


2) He announced he has pet tortoise! And her name is Morla. I don’t see George R.R. Martin with a tortoise for a pet but to each his own. 

That’s pretty much all Martin has going on as far as we know… 



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