George R. R. Martin-Edited ‘Wild Cards’ Series to Be Adapted By Hulu

George R. R. Martin consistently churns out projects that never disappoint. The ongoing HBO adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire has made billions of dollars, and his other projects, such as the sci-fi novel Nightflyers, have also been praised for their ability to bring audiences into one-of-a-kind worlds. Now, a series that Martin edited is receiving its own adaptation, produced by Hulu.




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Since 1987, over forty authors have worked with Martin on Wild Cards, a sci-fi anthology series, which Martin was responsible for editing. The idea was partly inspired by Martin’s experience as a game master for the role-playing game, Superworld.


The plot of this series involves a horrendous alien virus that reduces the human population by 90%, leaving the survivors with altered DNA. However, these survivors are also left grotesque looking, with many deformities and mutations that are clearly unwanted. However, for a select few, this virus does much more than turn you into an abomination.




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Dubbed the “Wild Card Virus”, it gives benefits to a very small percentage of the already decimated population. Under varying degrees of stress, carriers of the Wild Card Virus undergo mutations; basically meaning that if someone suffers enough, they’ll become a superhero.


The television series is said to be written by Andrew Miller and produced by Martin himself as well as Melinda Snodgrass and Vince Gerardis. No release dates have been reported so far, but this project has only been just announced.


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