George R.R. Martin Confirms Release Date for ‘Winds of Winter’!

George R.R. Martin has revealed the release date for Winds Of Winter.

It’s been a long time coming, considering his last  book, A Dance With Dragons, came out in October of 2013.

Now let’s admit it: We’ve all been a little bit childish with our jokes, our YouTube jokes, but let’s face it: writing is hard. You have to figure out the characters, the plot, how the bloody sentences are structured and if they sound good or not. Then you have to edit the whole thing.

(And given how enormous George’s books are, it’s no wonder it took so long. So let’s collectively thank God it didn’t take a decade.) I’m kidding! We have to be serious now and give George our due credit, so say it with me now, “I’m sorry George.”

“I’m sorry George.”

“I’m sorry George.”

George R R Martin glaring at you

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He doesn’t believe you. Say it louder…


That’s good. But because you were so meant to him, I’m going to withhold information.

Show me your mean face!

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Just kidding! The book was announced with a teaser. Check it out below!























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