Genius Fan Rewrites Hedwig’s Death Scene and J.K. Rowling Has to Approve

We have all our favorite characters in the Harry Potter world. They all have a few traits that we have grown to love and appreciate. When a character dies, our hearts are heavy. However, there’s one death in particular that really tugs at our heart strings. The death of Harry Potter’s loyal and adorable fluffy snowy owl, Hedwig. She carried his letters, he was his constant companion when he wasn’t at Hogwarts and she was the victim of a killing curse.





While protecting Harry and Hagrid, she was structure down by a killing curse and went spiraling downwards. However, in the book, she is killed in her cage while nestled next to Hagrid and Harry in the side car. Unfortunately, Harry had to leave his feathery friend’s body as he destroyed the side car in which her body had fallen. Though his friends tried to console Harry, he was deeply hurt by the death of his loyal pet. J.K Rowling was even hurt by her decision to kill off the beloved Hedwig, on Twitter, she writes:





J.K Rowling had previously explained on Pottermore why she decided to kill off the ear-nibbling friend, she wrote:


The loss of Hedwig represented a loss of innocence and security. She has been almost like a cuddly toy to Harry at times. Voldemort killing her marked the end of childhood. I’m sorry… I know that death upset a LOT of people!’



A fan, though respectful of J.K Rowling’s decision, has taken it upon themselves to write an ending noteworthy for the intelligent creature. And let me tell you this, we are living for this ending! Now, whoever this is, should get started on some of the other deaths that we fans are mourning.





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