Gary Oldman to Publish First Novel

Who doesn’t love Gary Oldman? The stage and screen actor has brought incredibly memorable roles to life, including Sirius Black in the Harry Potter series and Commissioner Gordon in Christopher Nolan‘s Batman trilogy. Now, the British actor has decided to channel his talents into a different medium: Literature. His newly announced first novel is set to take readers through the Wild West in an exciting new way.

Oldman’s upcoming novel, Blood Riders, involves vampire cowboys and a mysterious man named Magnus in the middle of the gold rush era. The story is a collaboration between Oldman and film producer Douglas Urbanski, who Oldman has often worked with in the past. The two created the Magnus character years ago, and have long wanted to find a way to bring his weird Western tales to life. 

Blood Riders will be published in hardback and eBook formats by Sphere in October 2016—the perfect time of year for a tale of vampires and cowboys. The paperback version will hit shelves the following year. If the book does well, Oldman and Urbanski hope to turn it into a full series. Are you on board for Oldman’s first foray into the literary world?

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