‘Game of Thrones’s Final Season to Cost $15m Per Episode

The Game of Thrones audience has continued to get bigger and bigger with each new season. According to Forbes, the viewership of season seven’s premiere ‘Dragonstone’ increased by 50% from season six’s first episode. We suspect that season eight’s premiere will do even better as the final season is most highly anticipated season yet. 



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Season eight’s budget per episode has increased drastically from season seven’s. Although the show does not release cost information on an episode by episode basis, we do know that season seven cost a total of about $100 million for ten episodes, which averages out to be about $10 million per episode. Season eight is expected to have a similar budget at around $100 million, but is only going to be six episodes. That puts the cost of each episode of the final season at upwards of $15 million! 


Why the bigger budget per episode? Clearly we can expect the battles to be high in number and special effects as well as great directing to boot! According to Vanity Fair, ‘Battle of the Bastards’ director, Miguel Sapochnik, will be returning to direct two to three episodes in season eight. Loyal viewers are in for a treat if we can expect three episodes at ‘Battle of the Bastards’ caliber. 


Jon Snow

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Also, viewers can expect each of the six episodes of season eight to be at feature length. Season seven’s finale, ‘The Dragon and the Wolf,’ clocked in at an hour and thirty-one minutes. We can expect episodes of this length (and intensity) throughout season eight. 


Stay tuned as we wait for more news regarding the series’s final season!    


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