‘Game of Thrones’ Won’t Return Until 2019 And Twitter Isn’t Here for It

2018 has been officially cancelled, apparently, because if HBO isn’t airing the final season of Game of Thrones, then what’s left to look forward to. This week HBO officially announced the delayed release window of Game of Thrones, leaving helpless fans to wallow in despair until 2019.


For the last seven years fans have been anxiously preparing for the much-awaited winter on Game of Thrones. Now the wait is longer than ever and fans are not happy.


While the news was in no way surprising after rumors began spreading earlier this summer, many fans who were in denial ran to Twitter to express their absolute disbelief. 


With a two year wait, fans are puzzled about what they’re supposed to do in the meantime. Some fans recommend using the time to catch up on the book series, while others are taking advantage of HBO’s cascading catalogue of other shows. Other fans, however, have taken up the popular habit of complaining. While it’s certainly not going to influence HBO in any way, it sure is entertaining.


Check out the hilarious and intensely relatable responses below!














I have to say, the last suggestion doesn’t sound so bad. Whether you’re going to spend this long wait catching up on the book series or binge-watching HBO’s continuous Game of Thrones marathon sessions, let’s all cross our fingers and hope the wait is worth it.



Feature Image Via HBO