‘Game of Thrones’ Tourism Makes Ireland €58 Million!

We have learned the startling news: Game of Thrones fans traveled from far and wide to Ireland to visit the show’s shooting locations, bringing in €58 million, equivalent to a startling $65,305,100.


Game of Thrones in Ireland-1

Image Via Belfast Telegraph

Straight from The Irish Times, we have learned that Game of Thrones fans made up of about 350,000 visitors, which is one in every six out-of-state tourists.

John McGrillen, chief executive of Tourism NI is quoted as saying:

“It has been a phenomenal success and it has been fantastic for Northern Ireland to be associated with this worldwide success over the past ten years. It has been so positive for Northern Ireland and HBO has been very, very good to us throughout this time.”

No kidding!

For those unaware, much of Game of Thrones‘ sets are actual locations, and Ireland is home to many of our favorite locations: including the Haunted Forest and the Kingsroad.

This is Kingsroad in the show:



Image Via Winter Is Coming.net

And this is Ireland’s “The Dark Hedges”.


Kingsroad in ireland

Image Via Trip Advisor

I want to go there.

Japan Today quotes tour guide by the name of Patrick Rogan who says, “We had people from Patagonia, from New Zealand, from Japan, from Russia, from South Korea and Europe, so I think that tells its own story.”

It seems industry is booming thanks to a TV series that gives the country publicity money just can’t buy—well, it can, but at least Ireland isn’t spending it.


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Image Via Black Tomato

But, I hear you ponder, what will happen when the show ends? After all, it’s still in its final season, and we don’t have any news about what’s going on with the Game of Thrones prequel.

Never fear!

John McGrillen, chief executive of Tourism in Northern Ireland, has calmed everyone’s worries with this quote:

“We’re going to have a permanent attraction in Northern Ireland for fans with the Game of Thrones legacy experiences. The first attraction – the Game of Thrones studio tour – is due to open in spring 2020 at the Linen Mill Studios in Banbridge….[t]his new 110,000sq ft interactive experience will give fans the opportunity to see behind the scenes how the series is made and feature many of the original props and costumes and sets from the series, which is going to be very exciting.”

It’s seems like Ireland is taking a page out of New Zeland’s playbook, given that they also have an attraction dedicated to Lord of Rings, showing off the sets and locations, complete with gift shops and food.



Lord of the Rings New Zealand tour

Image Via Fine Tours New Zealand

Despite being called ‘fantasy’, the genre of Fantasy gives us real world benefit besides escapism.


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