Fans wear their IKEA cloaks

‘Game of Thrones’ Surprise: Jon Snow’s Cloak Is From…IKEA?

Just when you thought the world could not get any stranger, it turns out that the thick wooly cloaks worn by Jon Snow and the other northern characters on ‘Game of Thrones’ are actually made from sheepskin rugs sold at the Scandinavian home furnishing store IKEA. Yes, you read that right: Jon Snow is moping on a snowdrift somewhere wearing something originally designed to grace your floor by some unassuming Swede.


jon snow cloak

Image courtesy of Huffington Post


This astonishing revelation was first made at Los Angeles’s Getty Museum in 2016, when Michelle Clapton, the head costume designer for ‘Game of Thrones’, admitted that the show used the rugs in their designs, shaving weathering, and adding leather straps to the base fabric.


the skull manual

Image courtesy of IKEA


Never a company to shy away from cross-marketing (*cough* meatballs *cough*), IKEA has recently released a how-to manual for turning one of their Skold rugs into a cape you can don while slaying white walkers. We never thought we’d ever say this, but thank you, IKEA.


Featured image courtesy of Daily Mail.