Game of Thrones vs. VMAs

‘Game of Thrones’ Smashed the VMAs and Here’s Why

Sunday night was a big night for TV lovers. It was so big that it had not one, but two major pop culture events premiering.


In. One. Night.


Game of Thrones

Image Courtesy of Game of Thrones Wiki Fandom


The season 7 finale of Game of Thrones aired, which had a build-up like no other. Meanwhile, on the West Coast, celebrity music artists were putting on their flashiest, most revealing outfits, and made their way to the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs). Drama and egos included.


Now, depending on their location, many viewers were left playing a back-and-forth tennis match with the remote.


If you were watching the VMAs, you may have wondered halfway through if the Game of Thrones fans were having more fun than you. Well, that depends on what you mean by fun.


Let’s start with the VMAs, shall we?



Image Courtesy of Indian Express


Taylor Swift created a buzz and won an award without even arriving at the show. Katy Perry may have been trying a little too hard. Many jokes took a political turn. Something was just lacking this year. Despite the heartfelt tributes to artists like Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, as well as other memorials, something was just not there.


Yet, despite the flip-flop of entertainment, Billboard released that the VMAs seemed to capture a majority of the younger viewers ranging from 14 to 24. It even took over trending topics on Twitter. But don’t go declaring a winner just yet.


Now, let’s change the channel. Game of Thrones season 7 finale spoilers below!








In the world of dragons and kingdoms (both sound good to me), things were a little different. Although the episodes leading up to the finale left viewers unsure, the writers knew a lot was riding on this episode. So fans were surprised by moments like Cersei’s truce or Sansa turning her back on Littlefinger. GoT fans were shocked, although many of these events were inevitable.


By the end of the night, it seemed like more people tuned into Game of Thrones than the VMAs. About 16.5 million people, thanks to Nielsen data.


And why’s that? It’s simple. We’re book lovers.


We’re thrill-seekers, adventurers, and dreamers. Anything that’s real or trying too hard just isn’t for us. We want to escape the gossip and facades and reach for something deeper. We love to think and analyze and Sunday’s VMAs just didn’t do it for us this time.


Feature Image Courtesy of MTV and The Odyssey Online