‘Game of Thrones’ Sean Bean Reveals Origins of the Stark Family’s Accent

Though Ned Stark has been an absent figure from Game of Thrones for quite some time, he nevertheless remains a significant influence over the existing Stark siblings.


Sean Bean, who played Ned Stark in Season One of HBO’s hit series, revealed that he, in fact, was responsible for giving the Starks their signature accent.



Image Via HBO


In an interview with Build Series, Bean said, “We were doing the read-through and the producers and the writers said, ‘Why don’t you just keep your own accent?'” 


According to Bean, producers liked his natural accent so much that they asked him to keep it. And then they asked everyone else to as well.


“But then everybody else had to do the same accent [as] me from the Stark family, so you got Cockneys all talking like that,” he said. “So I established the way we speak.”


Speaking to The Huffington Post, casting director Nina Gold reflected on Bean’s significant influence on the show and cast.


“Sean Bean is a delight and an amazing actor,” she said. “After casting him, we wanted to make people seem like they were a part of his family and part of the same anthropology. It set the tone for the casting of the rest of the North.” 


So there you have it, while Bean’s presence has been absent from the screen on the show since season one, he remains a vital influence. And, I don’t know about you, but Ill never hear the Starks quite the same way again.





Featured Image Via HBO