‘Game of Thrones’ Pop-Up Book Recounts Every Death in the Series

A lot of us don’t want to recount every single death that has happened in Game of Thrones. Even so, Hannes Sommer, an Austrian artist created a pop-up book detailing all the famous and infamous deaths that have thus far occurred in the series. 


Image courtesy of Giphy


But this in no way is your average pop-up book.


Sommers obviously has a sense of humor: with every page, he interacts with the death in some way. From squeezing a tomato over the book to signify the squeezing of a man’s head, to cutting a hole in the page and having someone ‘fall’ through it to their death, this pop-up book is extremely detailed. 



Image courtesy of The Verge 


Watch the full video of the pop-up book below: 




Featured image courtesy of Hannes Sommers