‘Game of Thrones’ Leaves Fans to Wonder at Books’ Ending

Well, the hit HBO series is coming to an end, and hopefully fans will have an answer to who will be sitting on the Iron Throne or even if it will still exist by the end of its run in just five weeks. The question on everyone’s mind remains what will the end of the books bring?

In George R.R. Martin’s saga, there are still two more books to come. One is the long-anticipated sixth installment The Winds of Winter, which still has no release date, and the seventh, which is currently titled A Dream of Spring. As it stands, the show has already taken great liberties to stray from the novels, leaving fans guessing at every turn where each one will go. At this point, it is easier to pretend the sixth through eighth seasons are more fanfiction than accurate representations of what the books will be. These books are not yet available for preorder, as there is no release date, but you can add them to your shelves on Goodreads!


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In an interview with 60 Minutes, Martin claimed that the series “would have to run for another five seasons” in order to stay true to his forthcoming novels. While most of the ideas Martin has for the last novel have not found themselves down on paper, it’s easy to see how these thousand-page books could never fit into a standard ten-episode season. He did say, however, that the endings may not be all that different due to conversations that happened in the writers’ room.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, he admitted that the show surpassed him years ago and because of that there “may be important discrepancies.”

As it is, differences exist between the book and series. Characters that are currently alive and well have already died at the hands of characters in the book that straight up don’t exist on the show. Lady Stoneheart, who makes her grand entrance at the end of A Storm of Swords. She is the resurrected body of Lady Catelyn Stark, but producers hint that her character will still not make any appearances in the final season of the show.


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Martin did admit in an interview with Rolling Stone that he “has been so slow with these books,” which is entirely understandable. He began these books back in 1991, almost thirty years later he is still working within that same world and with the same characters, at least the ones he hasn’t killed off yet.

We are all not-so-patiently waiting for the final books of A Song of Ice and Fire. At least we have the series to tide us over for now.

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