‘Game of Thrones’ Lady Lyanna Mormont Was Only Meant to Be in 1 Episode

Game of Thrones co-creator David Benioff revealed to Entertainment Weekly that Bella Ramsey’s character Lady Lyanna was only meant to be featured in one episode, “The Winds of Winter”!

He continued, “Part of what excites me is the performance of these actors. So many of them have been with us since the beginning and they’ve grown — both literally for the kids, and as characters. In many cases, they’re going so far beyond what was expected for them. Some, like Lyanna Mormont, were just supposed to be in one scene. Bella is such an incredible actress that we kept bringing her back because we wanted more Bella.”




Bella Ramsey is an English actress who first featured in the leading role of Mildred Hubble in the 2017 CBBC television series The Worst Witch. She is also the title character Hilda on Netflix. Her breaking role is HBO’s Game of Thrones and is still in a recurring role as the badass Lady Lyanna Mormont who was in last night’s episode, confronting Jon Snow about the forfeit of his crown to Daenerys.

Her Game of Thrones co-star Liam Cunningham, who plays favorite Ser Davos-Seaworth, spoke highly of her, saying “From the moment she came in, she was on it: She was professional, and she was just brilliant. There’s an old adage about how actors should never work with children or animals, but that’s B.S. When kids are as good as this young lady is, it’s a joy to play opposite. She was absolutely amazing. When somebody comes in and is that good, it makes your job that much easier,” Cunningham said.




The sixteen-year-old was shocked how everyone liked her twelve-year-old character when she told the UK Metro, “I was scared I’d be received in a bad way. I was very shocked people liked my performance.”

Ramsey impressed the Game of Thrones producers so much that they had to star her again, and giving her more screen time.


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