“Game of Thrones” Just Debunked This Popular Fan Theory

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With Viserion dead, another important part of Game of Thrones fandom has died with him. The “three dragon riders” fan theory states that, in order for her to take the Iron Throne, Daenerys would need to storm King’s Landing with all 3 of her dragons mounted. Like her ancestor Aegon and his two sisters, Daenerys would be joined by two other Targaryens. Jon Snow, who is the secret son of Rhaegar Targaryen, would ride one dragon.


Jon Snow and dragon

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The final dragon, the fan theory suggests, would be mounted by Tyrion Lannister. Some fans claim there is enough evidence to make Tyrion’s true parentage questionable.


This particular theory of Tyrion’s parentage has essentially been debunked, though. Daenerys only has two dragons, not three. Jon Snow may still ride Rhaegal into battle, but it’s not looking like Tyrion will be mounting a dragon anytime soon. This isn’t to say he can’t possibly be a Targaryen…you never know what the Game of Thrones writers room has in its back pocket.




There likely will still be three dragon riders, but the third one is a little terrifying to think about…


Night King

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