Game of Thrones Gets a Proper Illustration

Anytime a book gets translated into a movie a lot of the original context gets lost. There is nobody to blame for this -movies and books are two totally different art forms. But in the same way, some context is lost from a book to a movie or show, some context gets lost from the writer’s mind to their book. To give you a better understanding of what I mean, George R.R. Martin told his editor, Anne Groell, that the Iron Throne is actually, “10 to 16 feet off the ground, with steps going up to it like a slide.”

Image courtesy of Magali Villeneuve/Penguin Random House

This among many other scenes in A Game of Thrones has been illustrated within the 20th anniversary edition of Martin’s first novel, A Game of Thrones. Thanks to VanityFair here are a few of the illustrations you should expect to see in the anniversary edition of the book:

The Hound and Sansa

Arantza Sestayo/Penguin Random House

 King’s Landing

Ted Nasmith/Penguin Random House

Ned Stark and Jory Cassel


Featured image courtesy of Magali Villeneuve/Penguin Random House